Unravelled Development

Nancy and NCrunch - Playing nicely last

If you haven’t tried NCrunch before then stop reading this and go download the trial and try it out, it will forever change your testing habits* - for the better. NCrunch is the breakfast of champions -KenR At DrDoctor we use Nancy (rather than the typically used ASP.Net MVC Framework) the main reason is summed up by the overall goal of the framework: The goal of the framework is to stay out of the way as much as possible and provide a super-duper-happy-path to all interactions.

QOTD - James Hamilton

I recently came across this brilliant quote while reading the Klarna engineering blog and thought it was worth posting. If development is frequently called in the middle of the night, automation is the likely outcome. If operations is frequently called, the usual reaction is to grow the operations team. -James Hamilton (source)

Azure Stream Analytics - A Simple Proof-Of-Concept

In my last post I gave a high level overview of the CallStats proof-of-concept app that I built using Azure Stream Analytics, in this post I’m going to explain how to get it running for yourself. Prerequisites You will need an Azure subscription with the Stream Analytics preview enabled. Setting up Service Bus The first step is to configure some Event Hubs, these will be the ingest and output for Stream Analytics.

Azure Stream Analytics

There have been a number of new Azure services announced in recent weeks, one that caught my eye was Azure Stream Analytics. Stream Analytics is a cloud based event processing engine, which ingests real time events from various sources, runs a temporal query and then outputs the results for you to consume or to store for later analysis. The feature set currently available is a simplified version of StreamInsight, the on-premise predecessor.

Incremental Improvements - Quick Update on our Build Process

I’ve written previously about various aspects of the DrDoctor automated build process (you can read a few posts here, here and here). In the last week we’ve made a few more improvements that are worth a mention. The kudos for these improvements goes to my colleagues Steve (blog) and Jev. Auto Tagging Production Releases We have a branch that all of our releases into production go out from. We call it develop, but really we treat it more like master.

More Reasons to Adopt Biml

SSIS packages aren’t backwards compatible - that means if you start building packages targeting SQL Server 2012 and then find out you need to also support and earlier version (like what happened to me this week), you will need to start over. However, if you used Biml to generate your packages you could spin up an instance of SQL Server 2008 in Azure, load your Biml project in BIDS and regenerate your packages targeting a different version.