SQLRally Nordic - What I'm Looking Forward To

This year I have been fortunate enough to have been able to attend a few different SQL Server community events.

Back in May I attended SQLBits XI, which was a fantastic experience and opened my eyes to the #SQLFamily. I learnt a lot about SQL Server, but I think what I really learnt is that there is an amazing online community for SQL Server professionals.

Then a couple of weeks ago I was at #sqlsat228 in Cambridge, where I attended a Friday pre-con on Big Data with Jen Stirrup and Allan Mitchell followed by a full day of sessions on the Saturday.

At the beginning of November I’m going to Stockholm to attend SQL Rally Nordic. So this post is about which sessions I’m planning to attend.

Pre-conference Seminar

Monday: Data Warehouse Modeling – Making the Right Choices

I’ve learnt a lot about data modelling especially over the past year and so this session is coming at a good time.

It sounds like it is going to be a full on day. I’m planning on writing at least one or two blog posts to solidify what I learn, so stay tuned.

Conference Sessions


Time Track Session
1030-1130 BI Optimizing Data Models in Tabular & PowerPivot
1145-1245 BI 10 Tips and Tricks for Better SSIS Performance I attended this talk at SQLSaturday Cambridge
1145-1245 DEV Powerful T-SQL Improvements that Reduce Query Complexity
1400-1500 DBA Getting the Most from Your SAN - File and Filegroup layout
1515-1615 BI Optimizing DAX Queries
1645-1745 DBA Index Impact Workload Analysis


Time Track Session
0900-1000 BI Analysing Data with PowerView
1015-1115 BI Data Warehouse in the Cloud - Marketing or Reality?
1015-1115 DBA The Day After Tomorrow: Why You Need a Baseline
1145-1245 DEV Cloud Optimizing Your Database App
1400-1500 BI Use the Power of Analytical Hierarchies in Your Cubes
1515-1615 DBA Architecting SQL Server HA and DR solutions on Windows Azure

As you can see, I’m planning to attend a number of sessions that are directly or indirectly related to SSAS Tabular model (DAX, PowerPivot or PowerView sessions).

Of late I have been using PowerPivot to build quick proof-of-concept BI models to get people’s attention. What I really like about PowerPivot is how quick and easy it is to build a data model, write some simple DAX formulas then use PowerView to show people the story of the data.

As well as attending some quality sessions, I’m also really looking forward to catching up with new and old friends.

So I hope to see you there :)

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